Brantley Park

Ambassador for the Brantley Foundation and Director of park recreation  

“Figuring out problems and focusing on solutions for the Win/Win” 

Kyshon Tucker is, Youth Counselor, Community Outreach Leader, fitness enthusiast with over forty years of experience in community services nationwide. Utilizing his influence to educate and bring solutions to the youth of today, Kyshon mentors and shapes the lives of many young people, peers, friends and with his confident, tenacious, and passionate delivery of the solutions he brings from personal trauma life experiences that has shaped his own life. Kyshon has a philosophy of “Win-Win” when dealing with solutions for making changes for problems faced by our Youths today in the of America with projects such as building recreational parks for children to play and collaborating, with local businesses and statewide officials to build stronger communities. Partnership with community leaders and local businesses is the vision Kyshon has for communities locally and globally. Some of the projects includes building Community Centers and Employment Agencies where jobs are provided. Kyshon’s vision is being realized by working with an organization that supports his goal of being a change agent for the next generation.