Mentoring and vocational Tranning


The “Mentoring and Vocational Training!” Program is a youth mentoring and training program, targeting and teaching males ages 8 to 18, vocational skills and male etiquette for today’s society. The program is designed to create an environment in which young men can feel free to express themselves and seek positive male reinforcements to help support their personal and career choices in the entertainment industry.

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The Brantley Foundation provides access to resources , educational programs and employment opportunities. Our blueprint includes Atlanta Workforce and Dekalb Workforce development centers . We seek to attract unskilled and displaced workers, veterans, career changes and part time retirees , and more. Our goal is to make sure each person in our community who aspires to obtain employment skills is given the tools and resources needed to succeed.


In an effort to improve our local job market, The Brantley Foundation is actively developing partnerships with local and national businesses to form apprenticeship programs. The programs goal must be to teach participants valuable skills in the careers that are in demand at their current competency and ability . Entry level positions are encouraged . We see nothing wrong with starting at the beginning , not the bottom.


Is it time for you to learn new skills or explore other career opportunities? The Brantley Foundation is currently accepting applications for serious-minded and dedicated clients actively seeking to learn and start work. To see if you qualify for any of our free but limited and structured programs, please complete our online application.

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